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What's new in the 1.3 version

Since 8 months, i decide to change some old behaviors of the 3 webPart

It takes me some times but now, it's online :

Static and Dynamic Treeview WebPart
  • Fix the toolbar bug : now your preference is saved definitely even if you are re-open the toolbar
  • Add : hide or not file's extension
  • Update CSS : no more problem with black theme( now the treeview share the same stylesheet of WSS theme !)
  • Fix : some tiny modification form everywhere
  • Change the load engine : now if you choose to show only folders, the result is faster (no more file filter, i use a direct query on folder collection)

Multiple Treeview WebPart
Here a large update. 3 new features
  • Distant loading : you can use local document libraries or any SharePoint url site which share the same dbconfig.
>>> one good advice : create a new webpart page with 3 columns in a document library, add the WP 3 times and configure it to present the libraries from your sub sites :)

I use this tip a lot of time in SPS area to show some doc lib from team site saved in the site directory for example :D
  • Connection : i add the connection interface to this WebPart. Now you can submit to the multiple treeview the url of the site you want to browse !!!
A kind of remote controler

For this example, i use a link list where i add 3 urls of some of my SharePoint Test Site, then i use the connection wizard and it's done
  • Querystring : as you can give to the WebPart an url by the param in tool part or by connection, i add also a support of querystring.
You just have to give the name of the querystring parameter (by default : UrlWSSdoc) and then open your WebPart Page with this param and the url value like this


One good tip : just add a blank WebParPage in a document library, just add one WebPart zone in and also the multiple WebPart. Now you have a popup page, just link it from different place of your portal with the correct url you want to browse
>>> just imagine a linl list with 3 different querystring url ;)

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