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Installation :

  1. Unzip this package and install the cab webpart "DocumentLibraryBrowserCab.CAB" by using the stsadm.exe -o addwppack ...
  2. If you install it in GAC, do nothing. If you install it in the Bin folder, you have to modify the web.config of the SharePoint site with trust = "Full"
  3. Add the webpart in a webpart page (the default of a site or better in a webpart page created in a specific document library)
  4. The WebPart ask for configuration, just go in the toolpart
  5. Fill the differents options
  • the document library to analyse
  • the associated view to fill the treeview
  • differents options : count/open folder/target frame
  • init depth
  • attached webpart
  • then Valid

The treeview is ready


The CAS (Code Access Security) is really hard to implement. I read all the stuff i've found on CAS (thanks a lot Maxim V. Karpov ) but actually you have to put your site on "trust = Full"

Feel free to post any remarks, feedback : thanks in advance

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MahdizadehReza May 2, 2010 at 8:33 AM 
Please Help me and some others how to encounter with the error after installing it using STSADM command or how to modify web config to TRUST="FULL" , otherwise How we can install it using GAC command. Thanks in advanced.

Beejai Jan 27, 2010 at 7:55 AM 
If you have install problems like
""" has an unsupported extension, and cannot be added to the solution store."

-> The WP file has a uppercase filetype suffix ("CAB") when extracted. In some constellations, this leads to the error. I guess the Filesystem is caser insensitive, but Dot.Net is. I copied the filename to the command, so CAB was uppercase on the stsadm commandline.

--> Change to "*.cab", and it works.