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Welcome to the SharePoint Stramit Document Library browser

I always complained about the lack of navigation option with the document library in SharePoint.
Lot of people speak about migrate all shared documents in WSS site. Great idea, but user loose some of their common tool : the NT Explorer

Browsing a document hierarchy always remember an explorer view and a Treeview.
I started in 2002 a sans box project with a treeview control and i decide to extend it since the first try
>>> Here is the Treeview WP for WSS and/or SPS document library


This project use a free treeview control from FunkeLab :

I decide to share this project with the new version of the project : 1.3, the old version are always online on my US blog

1.3 a new release with -large new options-

Actually, this project contains 3 WebPart :
  • Static Treeview : a simple TreeView WP load in one shot the document library hierachy
  • Dynamic Treeview : for large library, the loading append when you open a folder
>>> this two WP can also connect themself to a List view WebPart to create a kind of Nt explorer
  • Multiple Treeview : This WebPart load automatically all the document library on your local WSS site. It's a derived version of the dynamic treeview, so not big problem if there some huge lists.


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